FSA abducts 10 civilians in Afrin last week

FSA abducts 10 civilians in Afrin last week
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Aleppo (Syria News) The City of Afrin witnessed ten abduction cases last week, while claims suggested that the Free Syrian Army is the perpetrator of the incidents, Enab Baladi News reported on Saturday.

Afrin Media Center documented that the police forces abducted two youths from the village of al-Basouta. It also revealed that the abduction took place at Ternda Checkpoint, while pointed out that the police asked the families of the youths to pay a ransom of USD 500.

Meanwhile, armed groups belong to the Free Syrian Army abducted a youth from Kastal Khedreya Village, in the city of Afrin, while al-Hamzat faction abducted a woman and her daughter from the village of Borg Abdalo, in Afrin.

It is noteworthy that the different armed factions in Afrin continue to carry out serious violations against civilians, especially those related to abductions, arrests, armed robbery and harassment in all their forms, which are manifestly contrary to human rights principles and violate international law with regard to civilians.

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  1. Abducted, but not dead, is the milicia. FSA, Saa and SA fighting again against Al-Nusra,Al Sham and more. This is the reality. People hope for the reconciliation. But anduction may be more than the mysterious definition of a disparition; which occurs in the Middle-East, Into America (Canada) indeed. But we are (I am) into Canada not desperated, still hoping this threatening fight would not replay again. Jihadists vs milicia, once upon a time… thank you all.

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