FSA militia and Turkish troops enters Tel Rifaat

FSA militia and Turkish troops enters Tel Rifaat
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Aleppo (Syria News) Turkish army, on Tuesday, entered the Syrian city of Tel Rifaat and the surrounding villages, among an agreement with the Russians that entitles Kurdish People’s Protection Units and Assad forces to withdraw from it.

A Turkish newspaper reported that Turkish troops and Free Syrian Army militias fully captured the city of Tel Rifaat after the retreat of the People’s Protection Units without any confrontations.

Meanwhile, military sources informed that the Turkish army entered the city, but without fully capturing it till now, while added the Russian and Assad troops are withdrawing from the city. They also pointed out that the city will be completely captured within the coming 72 hours.

Leader in the army’s 9th brigade, Captain Anas Haji, said that the battle to capture Tel Rifaat was launched as a part of the “Olive Branch” offensive, and indicated that Turkish air strikes were conducted on the villages of Umm Housh and Sheikh Eissa. The ground attack was not launched so far, he added.

Pro-regime sources mentioned, a week ago, that Assad forces received the management of the areas of Kimar, Zyara, Burj al-Kas, Bashmra, Basofan, Deer al-Gamal, Tel Rifaat and Manej from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

It is noteworthy that Turkey launched an offensive against the People’s Protection Units in January, while the latter described it as an occupation.

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