Ghouta suffers airstrike for 6th day on row, casualties soar up

Ghouta suffers airstrike for 6th day on row, casualties soar up
Casualties in eastern Ghouta.

Damascus (Syria News) Syrian warplanes continue their intensive air strikes on the cities and towns of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus for the sixth day on row.

Syrian warplanes bombarded, this morning, the towns of Mesraba, Shifoneya and Kafr Batna, using rockets and barrel bombs, while the air strikes coincided with heavy artillery shelling on the towns of Arbeen, Saqba, Harsta, Hazza and Hamoreya, Ghouta Media Center reported.

The air strikes resulted in the killing of six persons and injury of dozens others, raising the casualties in the sixth day of the air strikes to 440 killed and over 1000 wounded persons.

In the meantime, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the latest escalation resulted in the killing of at least 462 persons, including 99 children.

Furthermore, health situation in Ghouta is further exacerbated by the exit of several hospitals of service and the lack of medicines and medical care.

It is noteworthy that difficult negotiations are taking place in the United Nations Security Council to call a 30-day truce, in order to provide humanitarian aid and evacuate the cases that need an intensive care.

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