Ghouta truce: raids lessen, artillery fire leaves casualties

Ghouta truce: raids lessen, artillery fire leaves casualties
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Damascus (Syria News) The eastern Ghouta is witnessing a cautious calm in the second day of the Russian truce in the area, where air raids and artillery shelling retreated on the area, Ghouta Media Center reported.

Ghouta Media Center reported, today, that the number of raids on eastern Ghouta retreated, while an artillery shelling on Harasta and Douma left a number of casualties.

Meanwhile, Civil Defense teams announced that three civilians were killed in the artillery shelling on Douma area.

Few days ago, Russia called for a truce in eastern Ghouta, and described it as a humanitarian passage to deliver aid to the area.

Furthermore, Russia accused the military factions in the area of prohibiting civilians from leaving through the passage, while Jaysh al-Islam and Rahman Legion denied prohibiting civilians from leaving Ghouta.

It is noteworthy that the UN Security Council voted, last Saturday, on announcing a 30-day humanitarian truce in Syria, to deliver aid and evacuate civilians who need intensive care.

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