Iran continues with constructing railway line to Syria via Kurdistan Region

Iran continues with constructing railway line to Syria via Kurdistan Region
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(BasNews) Iran continues with a project for extending a railway line to the Syrian west coast of the Mediterranean Sea which will cross through Kurdistan Region territories, Iraqi Shafaq news reported on Sunday.

Iranian Road and Construction Minister Abbas Akhoondi received his Iraqi counterpart, Kadhim Finjan al-Hamami and discussed with him the details of the project.

The Iranian minister reportedly said they believe Kurdistan Region is the closest and shortest route to connect Iran to Latakia, Syria, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

He noted that the railway will reach the mainly Kurdish province of Kermanshah and Qasre Shirin on Kurdistan Region’s borders in two months and in the meantime they expect the Iraqi government to specify a route for the line on Iraqi soil.

Akhoondi remarked the center of Diyala province is not safe for the project and urged Iraq to assure them about the security of the area which will be allocated to the line.

As stated by him, Syria has already agreed to the project and Iran is still negotiating with Jordan for joining the plan.

The Iranian minister said with the completion of the project, Chinese Shanghai Port will be connected to the Mediterranean Sea through Latakia.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani disclosed the project as he visited Kurdish provincial capital of Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat) as part of his reelection campaign.

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