ISIS captures opposition headquarters in southern Damascus

ISIS captures opposition headquarters in southern Damascus
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Damascus (Syria News) The Islamic State militants have captured headquarters belonging to the opposition factions in southern Damascus, in coincidence with battles launched by the regime forces in the area.

Enab Baladi News reported that local sources informed the terrorist group attacked the opposition points between the town of Yalda and Yarmouk Camp, and captured the building of the Japanese Hospital and two other buildings.

The sources added that the Islamic State advanced into the area after the regime warplanes destroyed large areas of the opposition-held areas in the province.

The latest developments took place after the announcement of Assad forces regarding the capture of al-Ma’zaneya area in al-Kadam neighborhood, west of al-Hajar al-Aswad area. Meanwhile, regime forces have advanced on two axes in southern Damascus.

It is noteworthy that a patch of opposition casualties were transferred, this morning, to the city of Jarabulus, including 12 members of Jaysh al-Islam militia.

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