Jaysh Khalid militia attacks opposition’s headquarters in Daraa

Jaysh Khalid militia attacks opposition’s headquarters in Daraa
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Daraa (Syria News) Jaysh Khalid Ibn el-Waleed militia announced, on Monday, killing five members of the Free Syrian Army, after attacking their headquarters in Hayt Town, in the western countryside of Daraa.

The militia released a statement, today, saying that two of its members attacked a headquarters belonging to the opposition factions in the town of Hayt, using light weight weapons and hand grenades, and killed five members, including two leaders of Jaysh al-Thawra.

The statement also added that the two members returned to their positions safely, without suffering any injuries.

Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Thawra mourned the both leaders, without mentioning the place where they killed.

Furthermore, two members of al-Haramain Brigade (one of the FSA brigades) were killed in an ambush set by Jaysh Khalid, which captured the majority of towns in Yarmouk Basin area, after launching a surprise attack last February.

It is noteworthy that Jaysh Khalid militia used to launch assaults in Yarmouk Basin area, while the opposition failed to advance against it in the area in the previous months, due to the large number of ambushes it set.

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