IS member uses scissors to remove Real Madrid badge from youth’s shirt

IS member uses scissors to remove Real Madrid badge from youth's shirt
Badge of the Spanish football club Real Madrid.

( The Islamic State news agency ‘Amaq’ released a video showing one of the IS’ Diwan al-Hisbah members (vigilantism) while removing the badge of the Spanish football club “Real Madrid” from the shirt of one of youths.

The footage shows al-Hisbah member while removing the badge from the youth’s shirt, using a scissors, after claiming that the badge design includes a cross.

The video also documented previous cases, where members of al-Hisbah punished several persons, who didn’t abide by the so-called Islamic clothes and appearance (short robes and long beards).

Noteworthy, Real Madrid badge incident is not the first of its kind, where the Islamic State group previously forces a child to remove the club badge, and also threatened to flog him with 80 lashes if he refused.

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