“One time shot” attack by US, UK and France on Damascus and Homs

In response to chemical attacks on Douma

"One time shot" attack by US, UK and France on Damascus and Homs
Wreckage of the Scientific Studies and Research Center compound in the Barzeh District.

Damascus (Syria News) A western coalition of the United States, UK and France carried out a major attack, at dawn today, on Damascus and the countryside of Homs, in response to the chemical attack on Douma few days ago.

Syrian news outlets reported that the western coalition carried out several air strikes targeting the military scientific research centers and several other military bases and headquarters in the capital, Damascus, and its surroundings, in addition to the countryside of Homs Province.

Meanwhile, Syrian state television has broadcast footage showing the ruins of one of the chemical weapons research Centre near Damascus, which was hit during the air strikes, and pointed out the attack on the center destroyed an educational center and labs, while Pentagon officials informed that the attacks targeted Bashar al-Assad’s programs to develop and produce chemical weapons.

Furthermore, Syrian military sources revealed that more than 100 missiles were fired on a military base in Homs Province and the Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC) compound in the Barzeh District, near Damascus.

The Pentagon claimed that none of the missiles which the US launched at its targets were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense, while indicated that the United States and its allies carried out up to 120 air strikes on Syria in a ‘one time shot’, after claiming that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical attack on Douma.

However, State TV revealed that Syrian Air Defenses shot down 13 missiles, in the area of Kiswah, south of the capital, Damascus.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian regime forces evacuated the attacked headquarters and bases of the members and officers, after receiving information from Russia indicating that attacks will be conducted on these areas and headquarters.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday, April 11th, that the regime-held areas are witnessing ongoing alertness, while pointed out that the regime forces evacuated all of the main airports and military bases in their held areas in the Syrian territory, based on orders by the command of the regime force.

The evacuation, which included all military bases and headquarters of the regime forces, was coincided with US threats to carry out violent strikes on the headquarters of the regime forces.

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