Regime warplanes drop 70,000 barrel bomb since 2012

Regime warplanes drop 70,000 barrel bomb since 2012
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Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported, on Monday, that the Syrian regime warplanes have dropped at least 70 thousand barrel bombs since that start of the armed conflict in Syria.

In a report, the network stated that regime warplanes carried out 87 air strikes, in which they dropped barrel bombs containing toxic materials, while conducted 4 air strikes using flammable materials on the Syrian cities.

The Syrian regime started to use barrel bombs in Syria for the first time in 2012, against the residents of Salqin City in Idlib Province, amid international condemns.

According to the network, the Syrian regime is still violating the UN Security Council’s decree that prohibit using barrel bombs and consider it as a method of intended murder.

The Syrian cities witnessed several attacks using explosive barrels as follow: 22149 barrels were dropped on Damascus, 13436 barrels on Aleppo, 9901 barrels on Daraa, 8482 barrels on Idlib, in addition to separate attacks on Homs, Deir Ezzor, Hasakah and Latakia.

The network also documented the killing of more than 10 thousand civilians in these attacks, including 1700 children and 1600 women. The barrel bombs attacks also destroyed over 565 vital facilities, including medical centers, schools, mosques and markets.

Finally, the network called the UN Security Council to guarantee the execution of its decrees, to maintain its credibility.

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