Russia: We conducted 40,000 airstrikes on Syria since 2015

Russia: We conducted 40,000 airstrikes on Syria since 2015
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Damascus (Syria News) The Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, announced, on Saturday, that the Russian Air Force conducted 40,000 air strikes since its intervention in Syria in 2015.

Shoygu said in a statement that the Russian air strikes in Syria hit nearly 122,000 facilities belonging to terrorists.

Russia had intervened in Syria on military basis in September 2015, on an official request by the Syrian regime, to fight the terrorist groups, while it also killed thousands of civilians due to bombing the opposition-held areas using various weapons.

A report issued by the Syrian Network for Human Rights revealed that the Russian troops killed 6187 civilians, including: 1771 children, since its military intervention in Syria.

The SNHR also highlighted the Russian technique followed in its attacks on the opposition-held areas, which is based on conducting two consecutive attacks on the same area, in order to kill as many people as possible.

Shoygu also renewed the Russian explanation that the reason for its intervention in Syria is to fight and eliminate terrorism in it, while pointed out that the military operation killed more than 87.5 thousand militants.

He also affirmed the military operation managed to recapture nearly 95% of the Syrian territory.

Meanwhile, the Russian statements have been ridiculed by activists, because 40% of Syria’s territory is still officially outside the control of the regime.

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