Russian massacre leaves children casualties in Idlib

Russian massacre leaves children casualties in Idlib
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Idlib (Syria News) Dozens of civilians, including children, were either killed or wounded in air strikes carried out by the Russian warplanes on the village of Kafr Bateekh in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Civil Defense teams revealed that the Russian warplanes carried out air strikes on the village of Kafr Bateekh, south of Idlib, killing 13 civilians, including 11 children, and wounding dozens others.

The air strikes were conducted using Thermobaric rockets, while the children were out of schools, Civil Defense team said.

In the last few days, dozens of civilians were killed during the intensive bombardments on the area, while several medical centers and hospitals were destroyed.

The Russian warplanes escalated their air strikes in the last few days on the villages and towns of Idlib, especially on the areas of al-Sakik, Taman’ea and Kafr Amim.

It is noteworthy that the massacre took place one day after a similar attack on the town of Haas, south of Idlib, which left dozens of civilian casualties.

According to the Civil Defense statics, 13 persons were killed in Idlib, 2 days ago, including four children and two women in the village of Meshmeshan, while 40 others were wounded.

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