Russian warplanes bombard Saraqib, dozens of casualties

Russian warplanes bombard Saraqib, dozens of casualties
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Idlib (Syria News) Dozens of persons were either killed or wounded in Russian air strikes on the city of Saraqib, in eastern Idlib, Enab Baladi News reported on Saturday.

Civil Defense Directorate revealed, today, that the Russian air strikes that hit Saraqib killed five civilians and wounded dozens others, while pointed out that its teams are working search and rescue operations in the area.

The eastern countryside of Idlib is suffering intensive air raids, especially on the city of Saraqib, which witnessed a significant displacement movement in the last few days. The city of Saraqib is located southeast of Idlib.

The air strikes, which were carried out today, also reached the area of Tel Mardikh and Aleppo-Damascus international road, near Mardabsa in the countryside of Idlib and the area of Kafr Ameem, according to informed sources.

Meanwhile, local council of Tel Mardikh announced the city as a disaster area, after the demolition of all vital infrastructure in the area, while documented more than 756 air strikes on the area that destroyed large number of residential buildings.

Few days ago, the last active hospital in Saraqib was hit by Russian air strikes, which intensified its bombardments in the area since the last month.

It is noteworthy that the Russian air force bombarded several vital areas and medical centers in the last period, such as the Civil Defense Center in Ariha, in southern Idlib.

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