Russian warplanes commit 2 massacres in eastern countryside of Idlib

Russian airstrikes commit 2 massacres in eastern countryside of Idlib
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Idlib (Syria News) Russian warplanes have escalated their air strikes on the areas located in the eastern countryside of Idlib, leaving dozens of casualties, Enab Baladi news reported on Monday, while pointed out that the last air strike was carried out on the city of Saraqib, yesterday.

The Russian air force has also committed a massacre in the town of Maasran, in the eastern countryside of Ma’ret al-Numan, killing a mother and her four children.

The warplanes also attached the city of Saraqib using Thermobaric rockets, killing eight civilians and leaving dozens of casualties, while paramedics are trying to pull the casualties out from the debris in the area.

Furthermore, the eastern countryside of Idlib is suffering a fierce air strikes and attacks, where it witnessed large waves of displacements in the last few hours, Enab Baladi added.

And based on the latest escalations, the local council of Idlib has announced the city as a “disaster area” due to the continuous air strikes and thermobaric rockets shelling.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian regime is also shelling Idlib and its countryside to target the militants and rebels headquarters in the province.

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