SDF arrests 50 persons in villages in Manbij countryside

SDF arrests 50 persons in villages in Manbij countryside
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Aleppo (Syria News) The Syrian Democratic Forces militia (SDF), on Saturday, arrested 50 persons, on different charges, including working with the Islamic State group and communicating with the Euphrates Shield factions, in the villages of al-Qubba and al-Jaada, in the countryside of Manbij, east of Aleppo.

Enab Baladi News reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces imposed a curfew in the mentioned villages after the arrest campaigns.

It also added that the elders of the villages are trying to negotiate with the SDF to release the arrested persons, amid a growing tension among the residents due to the repeated arrest campaigns.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Democratic Forces explained that the regime forces and Euphrates Shield factions are trying to create a state of chaos by moving the sleeper cells in the area.

It is noteworthy that the SDF captured the city of Manbij in August last year, backed by the United States of America, while repeated demonstrations broke out against the SDF in the last few months, rejecting the obligatory recruitment and arrest of youths in the area.

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