SDF opens conscription centers for Tabqa residents

SDF opens conscription centers for Tabqa residents
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Raqqa (Syria News) The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia has opened centers to compulsory enlist the residents of the city of Tabqa in the military service, sources told Enab Baladi News on Tuesday.

The sources informed that the Syrian Democratic Forces militia opened what it called “Self Defense Centers” or the “Conscription Centers” to enlist the people of Tabqa in the military service, after applying the “self-defense law” on the city.

Last November, the parliament discussed the self-defense law draft presented by the Syrian Democratic Forces, and approved it few days ago.

The law aims to form two military regiments from the people of Tabqa City to join the war in Syria, along with the Syrian Democratic Forces, while according to this law, all men between 18 and 40 years are obliged to join the troops as a “self-defense duty”.

The “self-defense duty” means that people of the areas out of the reach of the Islamic State are obliged to protect and secure their areas against any expected attacks or threats, as well as providing aid to the Syrian Democratic Forces in their battles.

In the past period, several self-ruling towns and villages witnessed demonstrations and protests, including Arabs and Kurds, who refuse imposing military service on youth.

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