SNHR: Death toll reached 4759 civilians in Syria in H1 2018

SNHR: Death toll reached 4759 civilians in Syria in H1 2018
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Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented, on Monday, that the death toll reached more than 4759 civilians in the first half of 2018.

In a report releases today, the network revealed that more than 4759 civilians were killed in the first half of 2018, including 1104 children and 798 women.

The report accused the Syrian-Russian alliance of killing 3454 civilians in these period, followed by the Islamic groups that killed 205 civilians, Syrian opposition that killed 30 civilians.

Furthermore, the report revealed that the international coalition troops killed 254 persons, while 704 persons were killed by anonymous parties.

According to the report, February and March witnessed the highest death tolls, due to the offensive launched by the Syrian regime, backed by Russia, to recapture the eastern Ghouta.

It also pointed out that last June, death toll reached 593 civilians, including 87 women and 141 children, were killed by the Syrian regime and its allied Iranian militias.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Network for Human Rights affirmed all parties fighting in Syria have already violated the international law by targeting civilians.

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