Syrian army forces capture Hateel Dam in As-Suwayda

Syrian army forces capture Hateel Dam in As-Suwayda
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As-Suwayda (Syria News) The Syrian army forces, backed by the allied militias, continued the fighting against the remaining militants of the Islamic State in Telul al-Safa area, while managed to capture Hateel Dam in the eastern desert of As-Suwayda.

SANA reported, today, that the Syrian army forces and their allied militias deployed in the areas of Tel Abu Ghanem and Umm Marzkh achieved a notable advance against the Islamic State militants, who are hiding in Telul al-Safa area, and captured Hateel Dam, the ISIS main-water source, in the eastern desert of As-Suwayda.

Furthermore, SANA added that the army offensives resulted inflicted heavy human and material losses on the Islamic State group, and cut its supply sources.

The army troops also strengthened their deployment on the area of Sheikh Hussein tomb, after capturing more areas in the rocky reservoirs, while destroyed a number of the ISIS strongholds in Telul al-Safa area.

It is noteworthy that Syrian army troops destroyed, yesterday, a headquarters and an armed vehicle belong to the Islamic State in the vicinity of Kherbet alHawi, in the eastern countryside of As-Suwayda.

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