Syrian attack on Uqayribat Subdistrict in Hama

Syrian attack on Uqayribat Subdistrict in Hama
Syrian army forces. File photo.

Hama (Syria News) A violent Syrian attack was launched by army forces, this morning, on the Islamic State-held areas in Uqayribat sub district, east of Hama, then clashes broke out between the Islamic State militants and regime in the area, a source told Qasioun News.

The source informed that fierce clashes broke out between the Syrian regime forces and Islamic State militants in the vicinity of Kawkeb Suweid, in the outskirts of Uqayribat area, east of Hama, amid mutual artillery and rockets shelling.

The Syrian regime forces also fired dozens of missils on the Islamic State-held villages and towns in the area, the source added.

Noteworthy, regime forces, backed by Russian air strikes managed to recapture several strategic villages and towns from the Islamic State militants as a significant progress in Syria war.

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