Syrian forces shell Daraa neighborhoods, no casualties

Syrian forces shell Daraa neighborhoods, no casualties
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Daraa (Syria News) The Syrian regime forces renewed the shelling on the neighborhoods of Daraa City and its countryside, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday.

The observatory revealed that the Syrian regime troops carried out heavy shelling on several areas of the city of Daraa and its countryside, including areas in Da’el Town, in the countryside of Daraa, causing material damage but no casualties.

Moreover, the regime forces shelled areas in the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad, followed their shelling on areas in Tariq al-Sadd neighborhood, in Daraa al-Mahatta area, also causing material damage to the property of citizens.

The Syrian troops also shelled areas in Hara-Aqraba Road, and other areas in Zamreen -Umm al-Awsaj Road; however, no casualties were reported.

It is noteworthy that Daraa is a city in southwestern Syria, located to the north of the borders with Jordan.

The city witnessed, early in 2017, an offensive by the Syrian rebels against the Syrian regime forces in al-Manshiyah District.

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