Syrian regime forces capture more villages and towns since last October

Syrian regime forces capture more villages and towns since last October
Members of the Syrian regime while celebrating the recapture of new villages and towns.

Idlib (Syria News) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Saturday, that the Syrian regime forces captured more villages and towns in Idlib province.

The regime forces backed by foreign militias carried out an offensive using intensive artillery and rocket shelling, and managed to impose their control over the villages of al-Lwaybidah al-Sharkiya, al-Naseriyah and the nearby Jabl al-Kafi village, raising the number of villages that were recaptured to 87 since the 22nd of October 2017.

The villages and towns that were recaptured by regime forces since last October are al-Lwaybidah al-Sharkiya, al-Naseriyah, Jabl al-Kafi, al-Mashad, Mreijeb al-Mashad, Tel Khaznah, al-Qasr al-Abyad, al-Hiqiyah, Rabia Mousa, Fahil Jallas, Um Rajm, Shaqfeh, Swayrat, Rasm al-Abed, Mushrifah Shamaliyah, al-Niha, Tel Umm al-Khalakhil, , Mushyrifa al-Gooan, Um Sahrij and other villages.

The Observatory also explained that the advancement of the regime forces came after assigning Brigadier General Suhail al-Hassan to carry out an offensive to retake the captured villages and towns and impose a full control over Idlib Province.

It is noteworthy that villages, towns and cities of Idlib Province had witnessed daily air strikes by the Syrian and Russian warplanes, as well as artillery and rocket shelling, causing more damage to the infrastructure and property of citizens and leaving dozens of casualties.

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