Syrian regime removes 13 security barriers from Damascus

Syrian regime removes 13 security barriers from Damascus

Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian regime has removed 13 security barriers from central Damascus, after recapturing eastern Ghouta and other neighborhoods located south of Damascus.

The pro-regime Sham FM radio channel revealed, today, that the security forces removed three security barriers from al-Adawi area, which were located in Dar al-Shefaa, Khatib neighborhood and Baghdad Street, one day after removing four barriers from the areas of Damr al-Balad and Mashrou’ Damr.

The radio channel added that ten other barriers were removed, last May, after completely finishing the military operations in Damascus and its vicinity, for the first time in seven years.

Meanwhile, media sources informed that security forces continue removing the barriers from the streets and neighborhoods, while keep the large barriers in the entrances to Damascus.

In June 2017, the Syrian regime announced that it is intended to remove the unnecessary barriers, which do not affect the security of the country and its citizens, especially after fully capturing the cities and towns in eastern Ghouta.

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