Thousands of civilians leave eastern Ghouta toward regime-held areas

Thousands of civilians leave eastern Ghouta toward regime-held areas
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Damascus (Syria News) Thousands of the residents of the city of Doma, in the eastern Ghouta, toward the regime-held areas in the capital, Damascus.

Enab Baladi news reported, today, that more than five thousand persons left through the arrival camp passage toward the Syrian regime-held areas.

Meanwhile, Russian media outlets broadcasted video footage from the passage, showing the movement of hundreds of people in the area.

Activists in Ghouta informed that the patients were evacuated by the Syrian Red Crescent, but in small numbers, while others pointed out to attempts of Assad forces to frighten the residents.

However, other activists indicated that hundreds of civilians exit Doma, while others left the area and went toward Nagha area, located between Damascus and As-Suwayda.

Furthermore, negotiations are taking place between Jaysh al-Islam and Assad forces, backed by Russian troops, to cease fire in Doma area.

Today, the evacuation of 1500 opposition fighters and 6000 persons of their families started from Harasta to Idlib Province.

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