Turkey captures 9 persons in Aleppo via intelligence operation

Turkey captures 9 persons in Aleppo via intelligence operation
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Aleppo (Syria News) Turkish authorities announced, on Saturday, that the Turkish Intelligence conducted a new operation inside the Syrian territory, and managed to capture nine wanted persons in the city of Afrin, in the countryside of Aleppo.

Enab Baladi News reported that the Turkish Intelligence has arrested nine wanted terrorists in an area in the town of Raju, northwest of Afrin, and they were taken for trial.

Erdal Ata, Governor of Turkish Hatay, said yesterday that the captured persons belong to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units militia have participated in an attack, resulting in the killing of Turkish personnel in the “Olive Branch” offensive, early this year.

Meanwhile, the People’s Protection Units denied the Turkish allegations that the latter captured some fighters belonging to it in a statement released today.

“These rumors and fabricated news, which do not depend on credibility, are baseless and aimed at practicing special methods of war against our people in Afrin,” the statement said.

According to Ata, the captured persons were transferred to the Turkish province of Hatay for Trial.

The Turkish intelligence has been active in Syria in recent weeks, targeting mainly those who it claimed to be hostile, dangerous and is particularly linked to the “PKK”, which it classifies as terrorists.

It is noteworthy that the operation comes days after Turkey announced capturing Yusuf Nazik, the perpetrator of the Rihaniyah bombing, and transferring him from the city of Latakia to Turkey through safe routes for interrogation.

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