Turkey denies using chemical or toxic gases in Afrin

Turkey denies using chemical or toxic gases in Afrin
Turkish troops. File photo.

(Syria News) A Turkish diplomatic source denied, on Saturday, the usage of any chemical or toxic weapons in Syria, after Syrian Kurdish forces and a monitoring group accused it of carrying out a gas attack on Afrin area in Syria, Enab Baladi News reported.

The diplomatic source (unnamed) informed that Ankara never used any chemical weapons during its operations in the Syrian Afrin.

Furthermore, the source pointed out that Turkey is very cautious about civilians in Operation Olive Branch and considered the accusations as baseless and black propaganda.

On Friday, Spokesman for the Kurdish People Protection Units said that Turkish troops carried out a suspected gas attack Arnda Village in Sheikh Hadid Vicinity near the Turkish borders.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported quoting medical sources that six persons suffered suffocation, which indicated to a gas attack.

Also, social media activists and bloggers published photos and videos showing six persons who suffer suffocation in Afrin Hospital.

It is noteworthy that the operation Olive Branch, which was launched in the 20th of January this year, resulted in the killing of 1000 terrorists, according to Turkish statements.

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