U.S. congress member suggests building fortified shelters in Syria

U.S. congress members suggests building fortified shelters in Syria
Pennsylvania representative in the U.S. House of Representatives Brendan Boyle.

Damascus (Syria News) U.S. member of the House of Representatives Brendan Boyle suggested building fortified shelters in Syria, Russia Today reported on Monday.

The media outlet pointed out that Pennsylvania representative in the United States House of Representatives Brendan Boyle suggested building fortified underground shelters in Syria, while put the draft for discussion in the U.S. Congress.

Boyle explained that Syria witnessed more than 400 attack, in the past six years, on hospitals and civil facilities, resulting in the injury of nearly 800 doctors, and indicated that the suggestion to build fortified underground shelters is aiming at protecting doctors and volunteers.

However, Boyle did not mention who is responsible for the attacks on the civil facilities, while accused Russia and Syria of targeting doctors, without providing any evidence on the validity of these accusations.

Meanwhile, Director of Russian-US relation center of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies in the Russian Academy of Sciences said that initiative could be considered as a threat to the Syrian settlement, and added that it is a reaction to the mutual statement made by Fladimir Putin and Donald Trump on Syria in Da Nang City.

It is noteworthy that Presidents of Russia and United States made a mutual statement about a possible political solution for the military conflict taking place in Syria, based on the United Nations Security Council suggestions and Geneva Talks.

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