UAE pledges USD 50 million for East of Syria reconstruction

UAE pledges USD 50 million for reconstruction of East of Syria
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Damascus (Syria News) The international coalition command announced, on Sunday, that the United Arab Emirates had pledged to provide 50 million US dollars for the reconstruction of East of Syria.

Brett H. McGurk, the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS in Syria and Iraq, said that the Emirati fund is a part of the US plan to gather 300 million US dollars to reconstruct the areas recaptured from the Islamic State, northeast of Syria.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia announced, yesterday, providing 100 million US dollars for the reconstruction of the areas located east of Syria, especially Raqqa.

McGurk also pointed out that the allies of the US-led international coalition vowed to contribute to the fund, where Saudi Arabia and UAE contributed with more than 150 million US dollars, while each of Australia, Denmark, European Union, Taiwan, Kuwait, Germany and France vowed to fund the US project, but did not announce their shares yet.

“There will be no aid to Syria by international agreement unless the United Nations, not Moscow, Washington or any other capital, confirms that a credible and irreversible political process has begun in Syria,” McGurk added.

It is expected that the fund will be used in humanitarian and basic projects in the areas of health, agriculture, electricity, water, education, transportation and infrastructure.

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