UN Commissioner: IDPs number in Daraa rises to 270,000 persons

UN Commissioner: IDPs number in Daraa rises to 270,000 persons
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Daraa (Syria News) The United Nations has documented, on Monday, that the number of the internally displaced persons in Daraa increased to 270,000, since the start of the military offensive in the Syrian South.

Spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Jordan, Mohamed Hawary, said that their latest report showed that the number of the IDPs in southern Syria exceeded 270,000 persons.

Hawary also described the situation of the IDPs on the Syrian-Jordanian border as “painful”, while pointed out that they already became homeless.

The UNCHR warned, few days ago, of a humanitarian crisis in the areas located in southern Syria, while also believed that civilians are besieged and suffering continuous shelling.

Meanwhile, Jordan refused to grant entry for the Syrian IDPs on its borders, while suffered local and international pressure to open the borders.

On the other hand, Syrian regime has escalated its shelling on Daraa Province, in the last ten days, especially on the eastern countryside of the province.

The UN High Commissioner Zeid Bin Raad called on each side of the Syrian conflict to protect civilians and their right to flee to safety, while condemned the use of civilians as “pawns” for advancement in Daraa.

Last Friday, He also explained that his office has received reports that civilians at some government checkpoints in the south-eastern and western parts of Daraa have only been allowed through to government-held areas in both Daraa and As-Suwayda for a fee.

Since 19 June, when shelling and airstrikes escalated, the UN Human Rights Office has documented at least 46 civilian deaths in several towns. On June 26, a market in Nawa area, in western Daraa, was reportedly hit with ground-based strikes, killing six civilians. On 27 June, a family of five, two parents and three children, was reportedly killed in the town of Dael, in western Daraa Province.

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