Video: Gunman attacks hospital in Bab City in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo (Syria News) Activists posted video on social networking showing a gunman assaulting a medical officer at al-Hikma Hospital in al-Bab City, in the countryside of Aleppo Province.

The gunman pointed his gun toward two women who were in the waiting room at the entrance of the hospital, while next to him, one of his escorts was carrying a Kalashnikov.

The incident came after members of the Free Syrian Army stormed Hikma Hospital and Peach Hospital, and arrested one of the medical, as well as intimidating the people who were inside the hospital.

The gunman belongs to al-Hamza Brigade, which is one of the Free Syrian Army brigades, and he is known as Hamed al-Boulad.

Meanwhile, Commander of Hamza Brigade, Saif Abu Baker, said that he condemns the incident and the actions of some people, who were previously considered as revolutionists.

He also added that these actions don’t represent al-Hamza Brigade but only the one who carried out these actions.

It is noteworthy that the city of al-Bab has three private hospitals and one public hospital, in addition to a number of field hospitals.

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