Violent car bomb blast hit al-Sukhna City and leaves over 15 casualties

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Homs (Syria News) Latest Syria news today stated that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Tuesday, that a violent car bomb blast hit the regime-held city of al-Sukhna, in the eastern countryside of Homs Province, leaving at least 15 casualties.

The source informed that a car bomb blast hit a regime forces headquarters in al-Sukhna area, in the eastern countryside of Homs, killing 5 members of the regime forces and injuring more than 10 others, while pointed out that the death toll is expected to increase due to the severity of the injuries.

Last September, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a massive attack carried out by the Islamic State-led Caliphate Army, which included non-Syrian Leaders and fighters. This army was able, through several sudden attacks, to exhaust the regime forces, and forced a lot of them withdraw from their positions towards more fortified sites, this retreat enabled the Islamic State to advance and capture al-Tayba Town, al-Dahek Mountain and other areas extending from the western desert of Deir Ezzor to the eastern desert of Homs near al-Sukhna area.

Moreover, a second phase of attacks allowed the Islamic State to capture al-Qaryatayn City, in the southeastern desert of Homs, leaving hundreds casualties among the two sides.

It noteworthy that the regime forces, backed by allied foreign militia, to recapture al-Sukhna City, an important stronghold of the Islamic State in the province of Homs, after heavy missiles and artillery shelling by the regime forces and heavy bombardment by Russian and regime warplanes and helicopters on the city.

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