Xiaoyan: We are ready to contribute rebuilding Syria without prior terms

reconstruction of Syria
China’s Special Envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan.

Damascus (Syria News) China’s Special Envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan said that his country is ready to participate in the reconstruction of Syria without any prior conditions, after the end of the fight against terrorism, AFP reported.

Xie said in a press statement in Geneva that China is ready to participate in the reconstruction phase in Syria, whenever it begins, while added that the Chinese government will encourage companies to start businesses there.

We must be prepared for reconstructing the country because it is totally destroyed; and thus, the country and people are in need for the reconstruction, Xie explained.

It is noteworthy that after 6 years of the civil war in Syria that resulted in the killing of thousands of displacement of millions of Syrians, and based on the UN reports, Syria needs at least 250 billion US dollars for the rehabilitation process.

The Chinese official considered the amount needed for reconstruction as huge, and indicated that no country will be able to provide this amount alone, so several efforts have to be combined. China is ready to participate, but we are also seeking the participation of other countries, he added.

Moreover, he explained that the reconstruction process must take place without any prior terms or conditions, only the safety of the operating companies must be guaranteed. Xie also pointed out that the reconstruction process have to wait until the situation became stable and the fight against terrorism ends.

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